A layline is a straight line extending from the next mark to indicate the course a boat should be able to sail on the one tack in order to pass to the windward side of the mark.

LAYLINE introduces new design of sportswear dedicated to who love the sea and the sailing.

A brand born from an Italian idea with a strong international connotation. Thanks to our thirty year experience in nautical and sportswear, we intend to develop innovative and trendy products with design that evoke the history of sailing and the most famous Yacht Clubs in the world.

Collections designed to meet the needs of the consumer and customer: packages with a contingent number of items to be able to present at the point of sale an ever-new offer but without sacrificing the quality product.

Little, Fast, Often: the three words that convey the innovative LAYLINE method that wants to conquer the customer with dynamic collections and keep up with the seasonal trends.